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Bridgeable Stereo Power Amplifier
2 Year Warranty
30 Day Returns
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ADCOM introduces the new GFA-6002 power amplifier. Available in 2-channel configurations, this new amplifiers feature more robust and efficient power and heavy-duty reliability. GFA-6002 delivers lower THD (total harmonic distortion) for more clean, pure sound and lower noise for a supremely quiet background. The GFA-6002 is a stunning amplifier in every way – performance, styling and reliability combined to elevate your music listening to a new experience. Capable of controlling a wide variety of speakers, the GFA-6002 will transport you into the musical performance unlike any other comparable amplifier. The GFA-6002 series is designed with toroidal transformers, dual pairs of output transistors, FR4 fiberglass circuit boards and ultra-efficient heat sinks. The GFA-6002 best made toroidal transformers offer exceptional efficiency, minimal excess noise and little excess leakage inductance.


  • 70 Watts / Channel 8 ohms
  • 100 Watts / Channel 4 ohms
  • 175 Watts 8 ohms BRIDGED
  • Precision-matched devices throughout the signal path
  • 27,000uF power supply filter capacitance
  • Independent input level controls for each channel
  • Independent power supplies for each channel
  • Custom toroidal power transformer
  • Gold plated 5- way binding posts and RCA jacks
  • Large independent internal heatsinks for greater cooling
  • 12V trigger
  • Audio signal sensing on/off
  • Max Dimensions: 3.5h x 17w x 12.5d in.
  • Two year limited manufacturer warranty


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"Great Amp. Great Power! Power is well above average, bass mid & treble almost exact."

Kenneth J. CA

"Theater-Quality Sound with plenty of headroom. Fantastic amp, robust and powerful."

Gregory B. MA

"I've bought two pairs of these speakers and now I can't live without them."

Shawn K. MI

"I can hear no difference in sound quality between AMP2400 and the amps which cost twice as much."

Ronald M. PA
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