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Reference three-way speakers
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Reference three-way speakers with an inert sound system made of MDF panels with a unique BDS active damping system. The acoustically inert baffle of this 3-way speaker consists of a sandwich construction made of MDF panels, which also uses a unique BDS active damping system. The cabinet is further reinforced with several full-circumference and cross braces and a robust front sandwich 3D wall, in which a bass-reflex is fitted, milled from multilayer MDF. Adjustable dematerializing tips are installed on the lower base for perfect vibration elimination. The installation of 3-way speakers with a front bass reflex combines the most interesting from the catalog of the progressive company SB Acoustics, highly valued for the excellent sound qualities of its products. Two 8 "woofer drivers, one midrange transducer with a polypropylene conical diaphragm on a rubber suspension and a Ring-Dome tweeter with anti-resonance diaphragm guarantee dense dynamic sound with well-rendered space and fine detail. one of the steps to achieve an extremely equal phase characteristic. The advantage is the orientation of the acoustic axis of the speaker directly on the seated listener, and at the same time, thanks to the recessed placement of the speaker baskets, diffraction at the edge is eliminated. All components are soldered by the D2D method at the connection points on the thick panel, thus eliminating limiting printed circuit boards. Proven ROCKET 33 wires from the American company AudioQuest are used as internal wiring. During the development of the Passion FEVER, many technologies were used, also used in the most expensive AQ speakers - the flagship PASSION. Thanks to its sound qualities and perfect workmanship, AQ Passion FEVER will find it very difficult to find competition in its class.


Passion FEVER - three-way speakers with MDF panel construction with active damping system.

  • System: 3 - way
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Max. noise: 120 W
  • Max. short time: 240 W
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB / 1 W / 1 m
  • Frequency response: 23 Hz – 30 kHz within 4 dB
  • Crossover: 12 dB / oct
  • Internal volume: 61 l
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 256 mm x 1000 mm x 340 mm
  • Weight: 35,6 kg
  • Bassreflex


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"Great Amp. Great Power! Power is well above average, bass mid & treble almost exact."

Kenneth J. CA

"Theater-Quality Sound with plenty of headroom. Fantastic amp, robust and powerful."

Gregory B. MA

"I've bought two pairs of these speakers and now I can't live without them."

Shawn K. MI

"I can hear no difference in sound quality between AMP2400 and the amps which cost twice as much."

Ronald M. PA
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