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Passion Orca’s beauty was shaped by natural selection through millions of years of evolution. Physical laws define the beauty and functionality of AQ's Passion Orca. Multiple small segments form the baffle and the enclosure. These origami-like segments create an extremely rigid speaker cabinet while minimizing parallel surfaces and eliminating the internal standing waves. The very shape of the Orca achieves significant reduction of parallel surfaces. The segmented areas have additional advantage – a small dimensionality. Small areas are much more resistant to resonances yet another disadvantage of a typical loudspeaker. Orca small-segmented walls are much more resistant to resonances and are crucial design element as wall segments are connected at an angle that increases the overall rigidity of the enclosure. This precise and complex manufacturing technology elevates Orca beyond typical loudspeaker production and it allows removing voluminous internal bracing thus allowing slender dimensions. To achieve perfection a BDS active resonance correction was also applied. The resulting enclosure is incredibly rigid resonance-free and delivers astonishing performance.


Orca Loudspeaker depends on design specific stand that allows proper support, listening height and absolutely compliments the slender beauty. To secure precise alignment a series of hidden neodymium magnets were imbedded in the enclosure and the stand. Antivibration pads reduce vibration transmission to the stand and quartet or audiophile trio of spikes further reduce transmission to the floor. Although modest in size Orca sound is surprisingly powerful and voluminous.

  • Scan-Speak 6" Illuminator mid-bass driver with 3-D aluminum cone. Cast frame and neodymium magnet ensures extremely linear and long cone motion
  • Visually stunning Ring Radiator Illuminator Scan-Speak 1" tweeter features ring neodymium magnet, patented symmetrical drive SD-2, patented phase plug and sound transparent protective grille. Produces exceptionally wide soundstage and extended high frequency response
  • Crossover is built on a massive polyethylene panel for vibration damping. The panel features point to point wiring and machined spaces for contacts and crossover elements that are firmly secured to the panel with adhesive and screws
  • Audioquest Castle Rock internal wiring
  • Origami style cabinet creates a miraculously rigid and anti-resonant enclosure
  • Custom 5-way speaker terminals feature machined polyethylene plate and solid core gold plated copper connectors
  • Bi-wireable or bi-ampable
  • Rear ported bass-reflex design allows for in-room tuning
  • Compact design for small to mid-size rooms
  • Ideal for use with sub-woofer in larger rooms
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 40kHz within 4dB
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Max Short-Time: 160 W
  • Crossover slope: 12.6 dB/oct
  • Dimensions: 11.0 h x 10.2 w x 16.2 d in.
  • Weight: 30.9 lbs. ea.
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.


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"Great Amp. Great Power! Power is well above average, bass mid & treble almost exact."

Kenneth J. CA

"Theater-Quality Sound with plenty of headroom. Fantastic amp, robust and powerful."

Gregory B. MA

"I've bought two pairs of these speakers and now I can't live without them."

Shawn K. MI

"I can hear no difference in sound quality between AMP2400 and the amps which cost twice as much."

Ronald M. PA
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